Video Marketing For Real Estate Agents Wausau

Video marketing can have a huge impact on your local business in Wausau and on your online marketing if it’s done well.

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Youtube Advertising Rate Card


What is Video Marketing? Using video to promote a business or product can be a very lucrative and effective strategy. Video marketing is often used in the internet marketing world. As in other areas of marketing, these internet marketers have discovered the value of a video. Not only are videos an effective on-page marketing strategy, but videos are also very valuable in the eyes of Google.

Google is constantly evaluating the value and relevance of web-pages. In recent months, Google has placed more value on videos. To be clear, if there were two identical websites, but one had a video, the website with the video would undoubtedly rank higher on a search results page. What is video marketing to your business?

What is Video Marketing? Man's Short Attention Span

When discussing video marketing and its effectiveness, it would be ignorant to not mention the universal appeal of video. While attractive and informative articles and blog posts can be effective, videos are shown to be increasingly valuable. It should come as no surprise that our society has a short attention span. In the internet era, our minds are constantly looking for immediate draw and entertainment. It seems as though our entire culture is a tad ADHD. Because of this reality, a well-made video is more valuable than a well written and organized article.

What is Video Marketing? Video Marketing Strategies

Incorporating video marketing into your marketing strategy can be beneficial for a number of reasons. When executing various internet marketing strategies, you are essentially building and tweaking a sales funnel. Video can be a potent contributor to these efforts. Videos can help a business capture leads as well as convert them. Because of this, incorporating video into your email marketing can be very beneficial and lucrative. There are plenty of leads out there to be captured. Using video is simply a more efficient marketing strategy than solely producing written text. In fact, recorded webinars are a dependable source of lead generation.

What is video marketing going to mean to your business?


Video Marketing - How To Make Videos Step By Step

At times, it is hard to get visitors for your site in the start. The tips given in this article will help you get a few hundred visitors per day without any problem. Getting started with blogging is difficult in the beginning but becomes easy if you keep trying. Read on.

1. Yahoo! Answers

If you do a quick search on Yahoo for SEO, you will get thousands of questions that you can answer. To drive traffic to your blog or site from Yahoo Answers, all you have to do is give helpful answers. Your goal should be to become an authority in your niche. With this technique, you can easily get over 100 visitors and your site will get a lot of exposure.

2. Social Bookmarking

If you can create enjoyable content, one of your posts may go viral or get popular. Actually, your goal is to put your site in front of potential visitors. Another way to do it is social bookmarking. With these sites, you can bookmark your favorite sites for other users to view. And the great thing is that you won't need to spend more than a minute to bookmark your website. Some good social bookmarking websites are Delicious, Reddit, and Digg.

7. Blog Commenting

Another way to get a lot of traffic for your site is through blog commenting. As soon as you post a comment, you will get traffic. Make sure that the comments are insightful and are posted as soon as a new post goes live.

8. Article Marketing

You can also promote your website through article directories. As a matter of fact, this is an effective way of getting traffic for your site. You can write quality content and publish it on your sites, such as Article Dashboard and Article Base. However, make sure that the articles are interesting, creative and contain the right keywords.

So, if you want to get traffic for your new site, you may follow these tips.


How Does Youtube Advertising Work


YouTube Advertising Options In Small Business Marketing To Reduce YouTube Advertising Cost in Wausau

I am about to reveal a huge un-tapped traffic generating system that can generate 100,000 or more visitors to your site or to your local business in Wausau every week by harnessing the power of YouTube.

Did you know that people are watching 2 billion videos a day on YouTube and uploading hundreds of thousands of videos daily? In fact, every minute, 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.

This is possibly the biggest marketing opportunity you will ever have.

But how does it work?

I must be mad to be telling you this information, as this is my biggest traffic generating method I have ever used.

However, this is what you need to do.

Go to YouTube and search for the videos that have 75,000 – 100,000 views and are less than a year old. This search does not have to be localised to Wausau, it can be national or even international.

Then you look below the video at the description. If the video does NOT have a url link there then you have a potential winner.

The next thing to do is check that the video is increasing in popularity. This is easily done by clicking the down arrow bottom right of the video and the video statistics windows will display. As long as the green line is rising then from left to right then the popularity is on the rise as well.

Okay so far so good. Now we need to get our url link to our website, blog or squeeze page underneath this popular video.

Come a little closer, I will say this only once…

You now need to type a short description of what your website can offer, i.e “make $200 a month online working from home, etc…” and save it in your notepad.

Next you will need to write a short email that you are going to send to the owner of the video and it needs to say something like this..

Hi **NAME**

I just watched this video of yours **VIDEO NAME** which is great!

My name is **YOUR NAME** & I’m an ([Internet Marketer] from Wausau or whatever you are.)

I noticed that you don’t have a link in the description of your video and was wondering if you would place a link in there to one of my websites in return for some $$$? This is literally 30 secs work for you and I will send you $$$ instantly via PayPal once done.

Look forward to hearing from you.

**YOUR NAME**, Wausau 

Copy the text above into your notepad for use later.

Now what you need to do is click on the video owners name and halfway down the page you will see a link that says “Send Message”. This will enable you to send a personal message to the video owner.

In the Subject you need to enter: “Important” and in the Message box enter the email copy you saved in Notepad. (Don’t forget to change the asterisk parts to your own copy). Now click Send and sit back and wait for a reply or better still repeat the process over and over again.

In my experience you will soon get some replies wanting to know more. Most people using YouTube are not Internet Marketers or local business owners in Wausau and do not realise the power it can harness to generate huge traffic to your website. They do not work for a big company or make lots of money online. They are regular people just uploading videos and some are getting very lucky with them going viral across the world.

These are precisely the people you want to target. Do NOT waste your efforts contacting companies in Wausau or elsewhere with videos where the links are already there.

When you receive a positive reply you will need to explain what you want them to do and how much money you are prepared to pay them for their efforts.

As this will only take about 30 seconds of their time to do offering them $20 for a potential ongoing never ending avalanche of traffic is the cheapest traffic generating system you will ever find.

When you have both agreed the price you will need to email them with the following instructions…

Dear **NAME**

Thank-you for your quick and positive response.

This should take a couple of minutes of your time to do and I will pay you directly from my PayPal account $20 once you have completed the link.

All you have to do is add the following url before your description text.


Then if you go back to “My Videos” and click on the “Annotations” tab you will see your video and an icon in the bottom left of the screen. You click the middle icon, select the 2nd icon called “Add Note” then simply enter this text in the box that appears…


Next you need to resize the box to a rectangle by dragging the corner small squares and move to the bottom of the screen, so it doesn’t detract from your video.

Then if you click on the text a menu will appear above. Now select the colour icon and choose blue (or whatever you like).

Finally in the timeline below your video you will need to extend it to the full length of your video by grabbing the “blue bracket” and dragging to the end.

Now just click on Publish and it’s all done.

Any questions please feel free to contact me.


**YOUR NAME**, Wausau 

And that is it. Once they have done what you have asked simply ask them for their PayPal email address and send them the agreed money for their efforts.

Now you will see a huge surge in your traffic stats with very little time and money. Pennies on the Dollar compared to youtube ads and the youtube advertising cost. You may do this manually (time consuming to be honest) or you can let automation-software do it for you.


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