How To Generate Website Traffic Beloit

Video marketing can have a huge impact on your local business in Beloit and on your online marketing if it’s done well.

Video Marketing - Using Videos in Your Email


How To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website


It must be quite obvious that the traditional methods of advertising are no longer the popular choice for organizations. Companies have found that using internet video sites for promoting and marketing their product is more cost effective and trendy. The use of internet video sites to promote your product will make your company the envy of its competitors. As you will not only gain competitive advantage, but you will also increase your market presence by over one hundred million percent.

Internet video sites such as YouTube, Videojug, and many others have caught worldwide attention, because of their ability to upload videos and broadcast it to the World Wide Web. This type of access to the web will expose your company and your product to over one billion users on the internet, and create that important niche that your company will need to grow. The vast improvements in technology have given companies the opportunity and the choice to now market their goods and services using designated internet video sites. These options have also reduced the cost of marketing as the hosting on these sites is usually free. Daily Motion, Vimeo, YouTube, BlipTV, Vzaar, College Humor, How Cast and Videojug are some of the most popular video hosting sites on the internet today!

When you use these video sites to market your product, it is pitched to potential customers in a more exciting manner. The viewers are drawn to the video presentation as if they are not aware that they are watching an advertisement. Not only do the videos create interests but they also inform and educate potential customers about your product. You should be obvious by now that, using text and graphic advertisements are no longer the most attractive methods of marketing your product, since most viewers have or spend very little time to read.

This of course is expected since there is so much information that is being proliferated on the internet today; most people just glance over the title pages, and then click to the next site. Therefore if your texts and graphics are not attractive enough to catch the attention of potential customers, that is, the ones who are willing to spend more than thirty seconds to read, then it is goodbye to any potential sales that may have happened.


List of 15 Content Curation Tools

By simply linking from one blog post to others in your blog you can massively increase your blog site traffic. A task that tasks just a few seconds can produce excellent results. What do you need to know?

As a blog owner, one of your concerns will be about increasing readership of your blog. You want new readers coming over to your website and you want them reading more pages than they currently are. One on of the easiest ways of doing this is by steering them around your website as they read posts and to do this you can employ internal links.

These are exactly what they are called – links to pages on your website (hence internal) as opposed to links on other websites, which would be 'external'. What are the purposes for these links?

1 - Steer readers around your blog

As you are writing a new post think about previous posts and if any of them are relevant to what you are writing. You may be writing a post that mentions a subject in overview, which you have already blogged about in detail. As this is a more detailed view of what you are writing about it makes sense that it could also be of interest to readers, so link to the post.

Once your blog post is live there's also no harm in reviewing old posts and linking to the new post. This doesn't have the same benefits as links from the latest post, but it dos help to keep the blog looking up to date and fresh.

2 - Search Engine Optimisation

When you publish a new post it (normally!) goes to the home page of your blog and sits there for a few days. Most blogging tools will also 'ping' the major search engines so that they know there is a new post to visit.

This means that recent posts are highly visible to the search engines, but the old ones get a bit 'forgotten'. By linking from your newest work to older pieces, you are pointing the search engines straight into the archives. This helps to 'distribute' link favour of your website.

Occasional, and I do more occasional and not frequent, usage of keywords and keyword phrases in these links might also help very slightly in your SEO processes.

3 – Revenge to content theft

This might seem a strange 'benefit' but it is a trick that I have successfully exploited in the past when my blog content was routinely being stolen. The technique that these people use is to download your blog content via your RSS feed and publish it to their own blogs. Recently with Google updates punishing duplicate content, this is not such a massive problem, but if it happens then this technique can make sure that you do see some benefits!

If you are adding internal links to your posts then if someone copies your content to their site then these become external links from their site to yours. You might get some SEO advantage (unlikely as Google is punishing such sites), whilst any readers the stealing site does get will at least see links into your site. However, with all of you posts pointing back to you own website, it's a huge hint to Google as to the fact that it was your site that was the original source of the content!

How to employ this linking?

There are various plugins that you can use to list related posts, but I prefer the simple approach of manually adding links within the post to other posts. This way, the links are right where the reader is reading and ready for them to click on. Don't try to be clever in terms of search engine optimisation. You don't need to pack every one of these links with keywords. Go the other way and just make them natural and fit into the context of the page. If “click here for more information” fits best then use that. All that matters is that readers, and search engines, can start to follow the spiders web of links you are leaving and quickly find your important posts.


Types Of Youtube Advertising


YouTube Advertising Options In Small Business Marketing To Reduce YouTube Advertising Cost in Beloit

I am about to reveal a huge un-tapped traffic generating system that can generate 100,000 or more visitors to your site or to your local business in Beloit every week by harnessing the power of YouTube.

Did you know that people are watching 2 billion videos a day on YouTube and uploading hundreds of thousands of videos daily? In fact, every minute, 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.

This is possibly the biggest marketing opportunity you will ever have.

But how does it work?

I must be mad to be telling you this information, as this is my biggest traffic generating method I have ever used.

However, this is what you need to do.

Go to YouTube and search for the videos that have 75,000 – 100,000 views and are less than a year old. This search does not have to be localised to Beloit, it can be national or even international.

Then you look below the video at the description. If the video does NOT have a url link there then you have a potential winner.

The next thing to do is check that the video is increasing in popularity. This is easily done by clicking the down arrow bottom right of the video and the video statistics windows will display. As long as the green line is rising then from left to right then the popularity is on the rise as well.

Okay so far so good. Now we need to get our url link to our website, blog or squeeze page underneath this popular video.

Come a little closer, I will say this only once…

You now need to type a short description of what your website can offer, i.e “make $200 a month online working from home, etc…” and save it in your notepad.

Next you will need to write a short email that you are going to send to the owner of the video and it needs to say something like this..

Hi **NAME**

I just watched this video of yours **VIDEO NAME** which is great!

My name is **YOUR NAME** & I’m an ([Internet Marketer] from Beloit or whatever you are.)

I noticed that you don’t have a link in the description of your video and was wondering if you would place a link in there to one of my websites in return for some $$$? This is literally 30 secs work for you and I will send you $$$ instantly via PayPal once done.

Look forward to hearing from you.

**YOUR NAME**, Beloit 

Copy the text above into your notepad for use later.

Now what you need to do is click on the video owners name and halfway down the page you will see a link that says “Send Message”. This will enable you to send a personal message to the video owner.

In the Subject you need to enter: “Important” and in the Message box enter the email copy you saved in Notepad. (Don’t forget to change the asterisk parts to your own copy). Now click Send and sit back and wait for a reply or better still repeat the process over and over again.

In my experience you will soon get some replies wanting to know more. Most people using YouTube are not Internet Marketers or local business owners in Beloit and do not realise the power it can harness to generate huge traffic to your website. They do not work for a big company or make lots of money online. They are regular people just uploading videos and some are getting very lucky with them going viral across the world.

These are precisely the people you want to target. Do NOT waste your efforts contacting companies in Beloit or elsewhere with videos where the links are already there.

When you receive a positive reply you will need to explain what you want them to do and how much money you are prepared to pay them for their efforts.

As this will only take about 30 seconds of their time to do offering them $20 for a potential ongoing never ending avalanche of traffic is the cheapest traffic generating system you will ever find.

When you have both agreed the price you will need to email them with the following instructions…

Dear **NAME**

Thank-you for your quick and positive response.

This should take a couple of minutes of your time to do and I will pay you directly from my PayPal account $20 once you have completed the link.

All you have to do is add the following url before your description text.


Then if you go back to “My Videos” and click on the “Annotations” tab you will see your video and an icon in the bottom left of the screen. You click the middle icon, select the 2nd icon called “Add Note” then simply enter this text in the box that appears…


Next you need to resize the box to a rectangle by dragging the corner small squares and move to the bottom of the screen, so it doesn’t detract from your video.

Then if you click on the text a menu will appear above. Now select the colour icon and choose blue (or whatever you like).

Finally in the timeline below your video you will need to extend it to the full length of your video by grabbing the “blue bracket” and dragging to the end.

Now just click on Publish and it’s all done.

Any questions please feel free to contact me.


**YOUR NAME**, Beloit 

And that is it. Once they have done what you have asked simply ask them for their PayPal email address and send them the agreed money for their efforts.

Now you will see a huge surge in your traffic stats with very little time and money. Pennies on the Dollar compared to youtube ads and the youtube advertising cost. You may do this manually (time consuming to be honest) or you can let automation-software do it for you.


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